I See You.  Celestial pattern denim jacket.  Statement Jean Jacket

I See You. Celestial pattern denim jacket. Statement Jean Jacket

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I See You. Celestial pattern denim jacket. Statement Jean Jacket.

Jean Jacket embroidered with planets, lightning bolts, sunbeams and eye patches.

Made to Order. 10 business days.


If ordering an Embellished, Your Way Item, it is made to order, one at a time, just for you! Please allow 7 to 10 business days to ship.
The embroidered patch is the grandaddy of patches — almost everyone thinks of this style when they think of a “patch,” and by some accounts it was the first. The embroidered patch checks all the boxes as the most versatile style we offer and is a classic jack-of-all-trades for any project. Still not sure what kind of patch you want after reading our rundown on all seven styles? Go to with embroidered.

The Advantages

• Affordability — excepting “budget” styles that are designed with economy in mind, embroidered patches are the most affordable yet quality patch style available. They’re one the easiest to manufacture in large quantities.

• Versatility — on top of almost infinite colors, you also have glow in the dark or reflective threads to work from. That’s not to mention custom color backings as well as camo, reflective or — you guessed it — glow in the dark.

From serious applications like civil services to more playful ones like sports or scouts, nearly any logo is possible. Plus, embroidered patches are compatible with any attachment method, meaning velcro, basic iron-on, super iron-on adhesive and even magnets.

• Texturing — embroidery naturally makes images look sharp and textured by how the threading goes with the “grain” of images. It helps letters jump off the backing, too.

• Durability — embroidered patches can bend with elbows and don’t mind rain or snow. An embroidered perimeter, called merrowing, can help keep the design safe from scuffing.

• Washable — don’t be afraid to wash sports gear and uniforms with embroidered patches. Just make sure you’ve sown them on or had them made with an extra-strong iron-on adhesive.

• Fast turnaround — great for last-minute projects due to the ease of manufacturing them.

Friendly reminder- we can customize anything, BUT IT MUST BE NOTED ON ORDER. Any customization requests in messages are not related to orders, and if not noted on order, the customization will not be completed. Buyer acknowledges that if notes are not written on order itself, customization will not occur, and no refunds processed, even if noted in messages.