Ladies monogrammed jean jacket. Custom a denim jacket- Large Rose Patch.   Vintage Patch. Floral Patch.  Red Rose Patch.  Jacket Patch.

Ladies monogrammed jean jacket. Custom a denim jacket- Large Rose Patch. Vintage Patch. Floral Patch. Red Rose Patch. Jacket Patch.

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Ladies denim jacket with name monogrammed on back. Rosita- embroidered Large Rose Patch
Vintage Patch. Floral Patch. Red Rose Patch. Jacket Patch.


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Back in the 60s, hippie patches with flowers and peace signs were all the rage. From there, patches transformed to fit 70s neon, 80s punk, and 90s grunge trends, and are still popular today among indie fashion brands and Forever 21 shoppers alike. Across all of this history, the iron-on patch has remained an easy and inexpensive way to change up a look and project a bold idea. In 2020, here are the 5 coolest ways to continue the tradition:

1. Denim

Always denim. From pristine jean jackets to distressed vests and skinny jeans, denim apparel is the perfect canvas for embroidered iron-on patches. According to Pinterest, the most popular denim-patch combinations seem to include a copious amount of patches in a collaged fashion on jackets and pants legs. Call us minimalists, but we think a single patch on a denim jacket sleeve is an equally fun way to add color and style to a simple garment. You do you!

2. Backpacks

The 90s are back with a vengeance, and patch-covered backpacks came along for the ride. Whether you’re rocking a standard backpack for school or are dipping your toes into the VSCO girl aesthetic, patches are in as a hot-ticket accessory. Try ironing on a handful of patches to the front zipper pocket of your backpack and relive your best version of 90s glory.

3. Tees

If you’re looking for a more subtle way to rock a patch look, it’s become quite popular to display a single patch on casual t-shirts. To make this look your own, try ironing a colorful patch onto the pocket area of a basic striped tee. It’s especially cute if you can manage to make the patch look like it’s peeking out from or sitting in the shirt pocket — bonus points if that patch happens to have an animal face on it.

4. Phone cases

While patches can’t be “ironed on” to plastic phone cases, we’ve still seen countless examples online of phone cases with two or three small patches adhered to the back. This look works particularly well with patches that are brightly colored and doodle-like in design. Try adhering patches to a solid-colored phone case using a permanent glue adhesive (or purchasing patches that are made to adhere to surfaces other than fabric) to achieve a similar aesthetic.

5. (P)leather

As soon as Rihanna rocked her patch-covered Dries Van Noten biker jacket, we knew that the 80s punk leather-and-patches look was still very much in fashion. A similar embellished jacket is currently available from Supreme for upwards of $500. Create the look for yourself with your favorite black leather (or vegan leather) jacket and 10+ of your favorite colorful patches. Iron them on haphazardly, and you’ve got yourself a celeb-worthy look. We also love the look of patches on (p)leather purses, bags, and sneakers.Friendly reminder- we can customize anything, BUT IT MUST BE NOTED ON ORDER. Any customization requests in messages are not related to orders, and if not noted on order, the customization will not be completed. Buyer acknowledges that if notes are not written on order itself, customization will not occur, and no refunds processed, even if noted in messages.