Pink Happy Heart- Sequined Patch. Pink Heart Patch. Reverse Sequin Patch. Shiny Patch (this listing for patch only) - Accessories

Pink Happy Heart- Sequined Patch. Pink Heart Patch. Reverse Sequin Patch. Shiny Patch (this listing for patch only)

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Pink Happy Heart - Sequined Heart Patch

Pink Happy Heart- Sequined Patch. Pink Heart Patch. Reverse Sequin Patch. Shiny Patch


Large approx 7”x 8”




Sew On Patch

If ordering an Embellished, Your Way Item, it is made to order, one at a time, just for you! Please allow 7 to 10 business days to ship.
No returns once Embellished. 
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Here’s a handy cheat sheet detailing the advantages and common uses of all our patches. If you’re interested in more than one style, simply submit a quote and get access to a free designer to help you decide!

What Are Some Different Patch Styles?
1. Embroidered patches
2. Printed patches
3. Chenille patches
4. PVC patches
5. Bullion patches
6. Leather patches
7. Woven patches

Below, you will find examples and descriptions of each patch type.


Embroidered Patches

If you’re looking for the “classic” patch look, this is it. Heavy-duty embroidery on tough backing creates an intricate image or logo with precise lettering. Durable and washable, this is the choice for sports enthusiasts but is also used by armed forces and emergency services.


Printed Patches

Printed patches amp up the amount of detail we can pack into patch and function much like something you’t print at home — they can be colorful and have lots of clear, precise text or graphics. Perfect for giveaways or light-use situations where you want to say a lot in just one patch.


Chenille Patches

Chenille reminds most folks of the old school marching band or sports team letter jackets — fully-textured and good-looking even when oversized. While chenille can’t be used for overly precise designs, it makes up for it by providing images and logos with warmth, body and a classic style.


PVC Patches

PVC rubber material adds a waterproof, three-dimensional highgrade feel to any design you put on it. The material allows you to literally sculpt your patch, making for some fun designs that use textures and shapes to literally pop. A favorite of armed forces, sports enthusiasts and outdoor lovers.


Bullion Patches

With its gold-or-silver colored metal threading and velvet backing, we call these the champagne of patches. They’re classy, luxurious and heavyweights that look good on blazers, bags with any classy design. Perfect for artistic patches, private clubs, businesses and more.


Leather Patches

From affordable any-color imitations to rich full-body leather that only gets better with age, our leather patches come suited for any project looking for a rugged, classic look. We offer stiching, embossing and even branding options to team your design perfectly with your chosen style and color.


Woven Patches

Woven is distinguished from embroidery with its flatter, sharper images, similar to what you’ll see on clothing liner tags with images. It works well with simple (one to three colors) logos with medium-to-small lettering, and is washable just like embroidery. Often the favorite of business owners or event organizers looking to add personality to official uniforms.

All our patches come with other options like merrowing (a sharp-looking woven border that protects from scuffing) and iron-on backing or even male/female velcro backing. The possibilities are endless, but free professional design help is just a quote request away.

We strive to supply jackets that look as close as possible to your ones you see on our site. But please remember- we reuse, upcycle, and reduce our carbon footprint. therefore, our jackets can't all look exactly the same.

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